Tourism programs at Vagamon

Trekking & rock climbing

Vagamon is definitely an ideal place for trekking activities. It’s really thrilling to climb the 1,100 meters tall hill here. You can choose to climb Murugan Mala, Thangal Para, and the Kurisumala. Trekking here offers a complete rejuvenating experience!

Walking on the meadows

Enjoy the never ending small green hills with your family and friends feeling the cool breeze.

Adventurous Jeep safari

This Vagamon is the best spot for adventurous Jeep Safari. You can travel on a rough land, hilly areas, or any other off roads in Jeep safari.


One of the best sports adventure; really awesome! The paragliding festival is organized every year.


Cycling is exploring sights by bicycle. It’s for leisure and thrill, and quite healthy too. If you look to know the real meaning of adventure, cycling is the best option.

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