Tourism programs at Tholpetty


Tholpetty center provide unforgettable wilderness experience, frequent sightings of free ranging wildlife like herds of elephants, guars, deers, monkeys, tigers, leopards, bears, many species of reptiles, fishes, butterflies, birds including vultures etc, valuable nature education information from interpretation centres etc Medicinal plants’ garden, Birth Star Plants’ (Zodiac Plants) Garden, Muthanga Elephant Camp with 3 tuskers and one female calf, traditional tribal folk lore etc are other attractions in Muthanga.


  • Trekking (2 hrs, 6 hrs, 12 hrs)
  • Jeep Safari

Timing: Daily 7:00 to 10:00AM & 3:00 to 4:30PM

Duration of visit: 1:30 Hours (Maximum)

Best time to visit: August to February

Visitors Fee: Indians !0Rs/- , Foreigners 100Rs/-

Camera: 25Rs/-

Guide Fee: 100Rs/-

For Booking Programs, Contact ‘’ or Mobile-8129990222