Tourism programs at Peechi-Vazhani wildlife sanctuary

Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary 

The Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary is named thus as it nestles in the catchment areas of Vazhani and Peechi in Thrissur District. Having been established in 1958, it is Kerala’s second oldest sanctuary. Within its 125 square kilometer boundary are the Nelliyampathi and Palappilli forests. Its altitude peaks at 923 meters asl with the hill of Ponmudi.The Forest Department organizes nature walks and walks through the sanctuary, but prior permission is required to participate. These take you through moist deciduous, evergreen and semi-evergreen forests – an impressive variety considering the size of this sanctuary.You can also see an abundance of medicinal plants and nearly 50 types of colorful orchids.

Activity: Trekking

Season: April To November

Fees: Adults: Rs. 15/- Children(Below 12 Years): Entry Free

Mobile Coverage: Yes

For Booking Programs, Contact ‘’ or Mobile-8129990222