Tourism programs at Muzhappilangad


 Kerala’s only drive-in beach, the Muzhappilangad beach which stretches across four kilometres of sand where one can drive down the entire length. The drive is ideal for sampling the famed Malabar cuisine from the many eateries in the immediate hinterland. Black rocks protect this long, clean beach from the currents of the deep, making its shallow waters a swimmer’s paradise.

Adventure sports like paragliding, parasailing and microlite flights are possible at the Muzhappilangad Beach in Thalassery. Other attractions include water sports, power boating or a simple catamaran ride.

 Longest Drive-In Beach

Imagine driving or riding on the sandy shores while the waves come and go! People love the 4km stretch of beach running parallel to NH66 in Kerala. It is an adventure in itself to drive on the sand, and many just come here to try out new things. Drive and ride to feel and see that ‘movie scene’ come true. It is India’s longest drive-in beach that grabs you in its beauty and serenity.

Walk to the Hidden Island

Just a few km away from Muzappilangad Beach is the Dharmadam Island. In fact, we can walk to this island during the low tide. It is a private island near to the beach which gives a unique experience.

Sail, Glide and Fly

Such an interesting location must not be devoid of water sports and it is not! This Beach has a wide range of water activities. Paragliding, parasailing, power boating and catamaran rides are the must-try water sports in this Beach.

Food Travel On the Beach

Foodies, don’t fret! Muzhappilangad Beach is not just for adventure junkies; it is also a place to savour yummy food! Yes, the stretch of coast is known for Malabar Cuisine. So drive on the beach while munching on some delicious food! There you go, it is one of the destinations for gourmet travellers as well.

Swim Swam

The water currents are not high. Thus you can enjoy swimming at Muzhappilangad. In fact, the beach has many black rocks which stop the high tides from reaching the banks.

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