Kuruva islands (Kuruvadweep, in local language) is one of the major tourist attractions in Wayanad. As the name indicates, it is a cluster of small islands formed by the delta in the river Kabini and is spread across about 950 acres of uninhabited area. These are true natural islands with no other activities other than enjoying the nature to its best.The best part of the visit to Kuruva islands is the ride in the bamboo raft to cross the Kabini river to reach the islands. There are other places where you can do bamboo rafting but at a cost of Rs 1,500 or more. Just by paying the ticket price to access the islands, you can enjoy a free ride in the bamboo raft. Bamboo rafts are the only way to reach the islands since they are islands and are not connected by road.  


Fortunately, this place is not commercialized yet and there are no activities other than enjoying the nature. Just sit on the rocks beside the river and relax with nature. Watch the birds flying around you. If you want to meditate for some time, there are plenty of secluded places where you can be with nature with no one else around you. The best activity you can do here is, just lay by the river or take a lazy walk through the shoreline of the river.

Timings & Season:  Closed for tourists during monsoon season (from June to November)

Entry Fees:  Entrance fee for Indian citizens: Rs 80,Foreign visitors: Rs 150

Still camera fee: Rs 50(Video camera not allowed)

Parking fee:Two wheelers: Rs 10,Auto: Rs 30,Car/jeep: Rs 50,Bus/mini bus: Rs 80

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