Jatayu Earth’s Center or Jatayu Nature Park is a park and tourism centre under construction at Chadayamangalam in Kollam district of Kerala.The Jadayu Para, having mythical importance, is a 1,200-feet high rock standing on an area of sixty acres. According to legend linked to the Ramayana, it is here that Lord Rama found the dying bird king Jadayu. As part of the first phase of the tourism project, a statue of Jadayu, 200-feet long, 150-feet wide and 60-feet tall will be constructed atop the rock.


  • Jadayu Sculpture

Jatayu Sculpture at Jatayu Nature Park is the world’s largest bird sculpture. The total dimension of Jatayu sculpture is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet high. The total inbuilt area of Jatayu bird sculpture is 15000 square feet.

The Jatayu Sculpture will offer three things to do experiences: A museum, a theatre and a bird’s eye view experience

  •  Jatayu Nature park Passenger Rope-way

The total length of the passenger ropeway at Jatayu nature park will be 500 metres And it climbs the total altitude of 600 feet. Special cabins have been imported from Switzerland as per international safety standards. The ropeway carries up to 400 passengers per hour.

  •  Walkway

For adventure-seeking people who believe in walking in nature, A 1.5 Km paved road is being constructed which will lead to the Jatayu sculpture. This walk will pass through rocky terrain and nature offering a tourist nice view of the surrounding.

  • Cable Car

Cable car ride will be opening to the top of the jadayu sculpture on 17/08/2018.The cable car imported from Switzerland offers a bird eye’s view on its flight. Currently, 15 cars are operational, each with a capacity to carry 8 passengers at a time.The main attractions of the Jatayu nature Park are spread over 4 Hills, each offering different activities and attractions.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

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