Sree Mookambika Temple

Mookambika is situated in Kollur village of Udupi Karnataka.Mookambika temple is among the most important shrines for Hindus in India.Mookambika Temple is also one of the most legendary temples.Mookambika Kollur is a small village of about 6 sq. kms in area at the foot of Western Ghats.Kollur Temple itself is generally known as ‘Mookambi’ or ‘Moogambigai’ in Kerala and Tamil Nadu respectively.Though the Kollur Mookambika Temple is in Karnataka most of the devotees visiting the Mookambika temple are either from Kerala or from Tamil Nadu.Sri Mookambika is unique among the other Hindu gods and goddesses as she embodies the powers of Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswathi and Mahakali combined into one as Adiparashakthi – Mookambika.Udbhava Linga (self manifested phallus) of Mookambika Temple represents both Purusha (male) and Shakthi (female).

Temple Worship Timings

Morning 5.00 am : The Temple opens
5.15 am : “Abhishekam” to the Lingam
5.30 am : Ganahoma (1 Coconut)
6.30 am : The morning worship ( Pooja) starts
7.15 am : Dantha Dhavana Mangalarathi
7.30 am : Panchamritha Abhishekam
7.45 am: Naivedya
8.00 am: Morning Mangalarathi and “Bali” Utsavam
8.15 am : End of Morning Bali Utsava
From 5.00am to 7.15am and 7.45am to 11.30am Devotees are allowed for “Darshan”
Noon 11.30 am Noon Pooja starts
12.30 pm maha Mangalarathi and afternoon “Bali Utsava”
1.30 pm The Temple Closes
Evening 6.30 : Pradosha Pooja starts. Panchamritha Abhisheka
7.00 pm: Naivedya
7.15 pm: Mangalarathi
7.30 pm Salam Mangalarathi
Evening 7.45 pm Mangalarathi for all accompanying Deities.
8.00 pm Naivedyam, “ Bali” and Mangalarathi
8.15 pm Night “ Bali” Utsava
8.30 pm Utsava Moorthi is placed at the Saraswathi Mantapa, and naivedya with Beaten rice, coconut. After that,Mangalarathi and Ashtavadana Seve Vedaghosha, Sangeetha, Shruthivadya,Sarvavadya). Once it is over Shree Devi will be taken inside the Temple
9.00 pm Kashaya Mangalarathi
Evening 5.00pm to 9.00 pm Devotees are allowed Darshan (except on days special Festivities/occasions)

Getting there

Kundapura and Byndoor railway stations about 32Kms and 28Kms.

Mangalore Airport is about 140 Kms from the temple.