Paithalmala, Kannur

Pythal Mala is an enchanting hill station locatd 65 km away from Kannur town in Kerala. It is situated 4,500 ft. above sea level near the Kerala – Karnataka border and is rich in flora and fauna.The observatory tower is seen at the extreme.

Monsoon is followed by a cool climate in Paithalmala and the grass surrounding the hills grow to their fullest size, making it difficult to walk through. As they grow above seven feet, finding the regular way becomes a difficult task. By December, the forest caretakers set fire to the grass, taking care of the rest of the forest, to ease out the trekking experience. Soon after this, the hill becomes unsuitable to trek because of the black sooth formed but clears away after a couple of weeks. The best time for a trek is from Jan to March though the sun might be harsh.

There is an observatory tower made by the department of tourism at the hilltop which can be reached after a 45 min walk from the Paithal valley. Trekking starts through the dense forest followed by the plain grass land on the hill top.View of the valley from the observatory tower is breathtaking and the observers eyes can hover over more than half the area of Kannur district.

Palakkayam Thattu


Palakkayam Thattu is a hill station in Kannur. This lesser-known location is a misty mountain in the Western Ghats have an altitude of 3500 Ft from Mean Sea Level. Western Ghat Mountain Ranges are renowned for their rich bio-diversity.Several waterfalls (in rainy season) and mountain ranges adds the beauty of Palakkayam Thattu. We are sure, Your visit will be a memorable experience. If you are interested in Off Road driving, you are welcome with your beast.

Getting There:

Kannur, about 39 km away.

Calicut International Airport, about 159 km away.