Nilambur Kovilakam

Nilambur Kovilakam is is located 30 km from Malappuram district in Kerala. It is the erstwhile residence of local rulers and is famous for its beautiful frescoes and artwork in wood. On the grounds of this dismantled ancestral home of the Nilambur Royal Family is the Vettakkorumakan Temple.

The family of Nilambur Kovilakam acted mostly as the local princely rulers, taking care of the land and collecting the food tax offerings for the Samoothiripad. With no published records for reference, the Nilambur Kovilakam family has faded into word-of-mouth legend. The present generations of the Nilambur Kovilakam family are scattered around the world with very little or nothing at all written to preserve their place in time in Kerala.

Getting there

Nilambur is the terminus of the Shornur – Nilambur railway line.

Calicut International Airport, about 26 km from Malappuram town.