Mathikettan Shola National Park

The national park has an extent of 1281.7419 hectares of land and was a part of the Cardamom Hill Reserve.The Park is filled with trees of evergreen species.The location of the park is in Idukki District and is 49kms away from Munnar and Nedumkandam and 10kms awy from pooppara in Idukki district.The clear blue sky,clean air,stretch of green meadows and thick greeneries teaming with flora and fauna makes it dream destination for the tourists.The undulating terrain with hillocks of varying heights has altitude ranges between 1200-1984m.The temperature varies from 90C to max. 300C .

Eco Tourism Programmes

  1. Border walk
  2. Trekking to the Shola forests
  3. Stay at log houses at Aduvilanthankudy (One of the tribal settlement in the Shola National Park Muthuvan tribes), Surveykalppara, and Pethotty.

For enquiries & Reservation

Forest Information Centre,

Wildlife Wardens Office,

Munnar.P.O, 685612

Tel/Fax-04865 231587

Dtpc Idukki: 04862-232248

Getting There

Cochin International airport,110 KM away

Theni 55 km away,Aluva Railway station,110 Km away.