Konni Ecotourism

Konni Ecotourism is situated in Pathanamthitta District in Kerala. The main attraction in Konni is the elephant capturing and taming activities from dates backs to 1810. The huge elephant cage situated at the ecotourism centre, Konni can house 6 elephants at a time drives our memory to the past elepahant capturing history.

You can visit the forest areas of Konni in Bowl boats through the river Kallar. One bowl boat can accommodate 10 people. One can see the major elephant capturing spots and remnants of the elephant capturing pits of the area. It’s nice to watch Elephants, Indian Bison, Sambar Deer, Wild dogs etc. The river banks are covered with riparian forests having rare species of trees. The river is blessed with rolling stones that make the riding thrilling and adventurous.


Starting point of the boat ride is from Mundomuzhy near Thannithode, 13 Kms away from Konni. Vistors have to collect their tickets from Konni and reach Mundomuzhy at their convenience.

Two types of boat rides are offered as follows.

  •       Short Trip

  •       Long trip

Getting there

Chengannur, about 35 kms

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 110 kms.