Arippara Waterfalls

Aripara Falls (alternate spelling: Arippara Falls) is a tourist spot in Thiruvambadi panchayat in Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is located on the Thiruvambadi – Anakkampoyil route, 15 km from Thiruvambadi. and 45 km from Calicut. The waterfall is a tributary of Iruvanjippuzha. There is a proposal for implementing a hydel power project on the Aripara waterfall.

The water falls is not bigger but is totally filled with bigger rocks and that rocks may contains big holes to downs and it may not be visible to the outside. This is not a common type of falls. The water is coming through the spaces between the big rocks and that’s why it got the name “Arippara” [Malayalam]. So those who are visiting the spot should follow the instructions from security guards. Those who knows the swimming can swim through the down portion of the falls and for others secured area is also available there. The water is just like an Ice filled water and is fresh. We can not see any plastics or wastages any where in the area. The area is that much well cleaned. The water falls is coming to the down through multiple stages and is not bigger. So it is very nice place for photography.

When I visited the place many local kids are playing in the falls by diving to the deeper portion of the falls and some other visitors are also there. The best time for visiting is morning 8.30 to 11 and evening 3 to 6 except monsoons. Have a nice trip to the Arippara Water falls.

Getting there

Kozhikode (Calicut), about 46 km.

Calicut International Airport, about 50 km.